Deep dermal heating.
"Patient satisfaction is very high for the Titan procedure. Many of my patients are pleased with the results and come back for repeat treatments."
— Paul Carniol, M.D., Facial Plastic Surgeon

The most researched and peer-reviewed infra-red solution for deep dermal heating of all skin types.

  • Titan’s light source generates energy from 1100 to 1800 nm for safe and effective volumetric heating of the dermis.
  • Titan candidates are often patients not yet ready for surgery.
  • When combined with other non-ablative procedures that improve conditions such as dyschromia.

FDA Clearance: Cleared for topical heating for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature.

Product Specifications

Wavelength 1100 - 1800 nm
Fluence 5 to 65 J/cm2
Spot Size Titan V: 10 x 15 mm
Titan XL: 10 x 30 mm
Treatment Cycle 4 to 10 seconds
Exposure Indicator Audible tone and LED indicator

Treatment Photos

Clinical Papers

Multi-Center Clinical Perspectives on Titan
Eliot F. Battle MD, Edgar F. Fincher MD PhD, Ronald L. Moy MD, Gregory Nikolaidis MD, Amy Forman Taub MD
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