About Cutera

Cutera was established in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1998 to develop, manufacture, market and sell laser and light based medical devices. Prior to Cutera, the founding engineers pioneered both CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers—today both well established wavelengths in the science of aesthetic lasers.

Cutera’s key messaging is directed to physicians specializing in cosmetic procedures with a focus on four categories of aesthetic solutions and their brands. Strengths are defined through safety, clinical excellence, physician/patient education, customer training and a worldwide service organization. Further, our Solutions are available on upgradeable platforms to protect your investment and avoid obsolesence. Cutera's aesthetic solutions include...

  • Hair Removal: full body treatments; the most desired laser procedure
  • Non-Ablative: popular for excessive skin redness, large pores and pigment issues (all no downtime procedures).
  • Fractional + Ablative Resurfacing: invasive with moderate downtime; addresses issues such as deep wrinkles promotes overall skin quality
  • Vascular: treats broad range of vascular conditions including the face and lower extremities such as a variety of common leg veins.

A worldwide presence in over 40 countries, the installed base of laser solutions is approximately 4,000. Cutera’s sales operations are channeled through both our direct sales organizations and distributors.

Cutera became a public company on NASDAQ (CUTR) in 2004.

Cutera World Headquarters, near San Francisco, California